The listening campaign gave Zion leaders new priorities and new ways to look at long-standing priorities. One new priority:


To act on what we heard—and maybe even to meet the challenge of this time—we get to integrate Zion’s siloed collection of committees and teams (Worship and Music, Faith Formation, Outreach, Property, ZLCW, Food Pantry, Listening Team, etc) and pursue together a single mission and vision for Zion.

Council is taking renewed responsibility for articulating that unifying and energizing mission and vision.

Council has also charged the Pastor with forming a Ministry Team to do the integrating work. This Ministry Team will not replace Zion’s existing committees and teams. It will coordinate and focus their work.

The Ministry Team will be chaired by the Pastor and made up of interested members of Zion’s existing committees and teams and maybe a few others. It will meet regularly. Maybe monthly.

You are invited to the first meeting of the Ministry Team, which will be in October. The main goal of this first meeting will be to answer your questions about what the Ministry Team will be and do and to help you decide whether you want to exercise leadership on the Ministry Team in future.

A few important things are not yet decided, and we may consider them together at that first meeting. Like, how many members should the Ministry Team have? And when should it meet?

Before I leave for Tanzania, I’d love to have a date set. Please click below and choose all the times you’re available to meet.

First Ministry Team Meeting - Pastor Clark Olson-Smith